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Mantis Tiller

Mantis Tiller


The Mantis design is inspired by an orchid and a crab and works in all directions.


This is another dual-action, multitasking tool. One of my frustrations with gardening has been constantly reaching for one tool to plunge or push on and reaching for another to drag or pull with.

The Mantis Tiller allows you to tackle multiple tasks without switching between tools. The petals at each side allow for left or right-hand use when removing stubborn roots and rocks, getting into grout joints between patio stones, and bricks. Also great in planters, along walkways and garden walls.

In flower beds and raised beds to remove debris, and unwanted weeds, and loosen up the soil.

  • Remove unwanted vegetation in cracks
  • Tilling soil and weeding in tight quarters
  • Dressing up the flower beds

The sight of the Mantis serves as a reminder to reconnect with nature in order to attain inner calm. It signifies patience and serenity.

$140.00 (9” handle)

$165.00 (12” handle)

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9 Inch Handle, 12 Inch Handle


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