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Dragon’s Tail Hoe

Dragon’s Tail Hoe


Excellent tool for plowing quick furrows, removing invasive weeds, and scraping out hard-packed soil in containers.


This hoe is excellent for plowing quick furrows, removing invasive weeds, and excavating hard-packed soil. Use it when sowing seeds, planting young starters, harvesting tubers, and transplanting between greenhouses and outdoor gardens.

The tip of the plow naturally plunges deep into the earth as you pull the tool towards you. The hand-carved ergonomic “pistol” grip allows you to comfortably tug or drag the tool with very little effort.

Furrows and channels are created quickly and simply in one pass. Its unique shape and weight give it every advantage when penetrating even the most compact soils. Pluck out rocks, pesky roots, and debris.

You’ll find that you don’t have to tilt your wrist, elbow, and shoulder to operate our tools. Reduce the time and effort you put into your gardening chores and enjoy the beauty and performance along the way.

• For serious gardening when an aggressive tool is needed
• Quickly and easily plows through soil of all types
• Create furrows and channels for planting rows of vegetables, and seedlings.
• Break up compacted soil in pots, tight corners, containers & planter boxes

The Dragon, in Chinese mythology, is considered the most powerful animal and can overcome any of life’s obstacles.

$125.00 (9” handle)
$140.00 (12” handle)

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9 Inch Handle, 12 Inch Handle


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