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Eagle Claw Tiller

Eagle Claw Tiller


Versatile and aggressive for all gardening tasks.


This aggressive tool is one of our most versatile and makes quick work of loosening soil for potting larger plants around your landscape. Instead of using a shovel to create your hole, this tool is meant to quickly, loosen a wide area around the new plant, allowing new roots to establish themselves quickly.

Digging with a shovel often compacts the soil around the periphery of the hole, restricting and impeding the roots’ ability to spread horizontally. Once you have thoroughly loosened the soil you may use our tortoise shovel to remove a quantity of earth to place the new plant.

  • Loosen dirt to receive new plantings
  • Separating rocks, branches & debris from the soil
  • Stirring Compost or Wood Chips
  • Removing weeds

The Eagle signifies Vision, Manifestation, Power & Freedom.


$140.00 (9” handle) Close reach

$165.00 (12” handle) Extended reach


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9 Inch Handle, 12 Inch Handle


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