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Flor de Lis – Tiller

Flor de Lis – Tiller


Dual-action weeder & tiller


The “Flor de Lis” (Golden Lily or Iris Dorado) is another dual-action, multi-tasking tool.

I like a tool that is versatile and can perform a number of tasks, eliminating the need to bounce back and forth between tools. Great for weeding, and transplanting from trays and starter plants to garden beds.

Use the narrow shovel nose to plunge forward and the petals work like hooks, for tugging at weeds and rocks to the left and right, in tight corners, and along edges. Also, for removing unwanted vegetation between grout joints, around bricks and pavers, and when working up against the house, patio, and in standing bed frames.

  • A versatile tool in small rooms or spaces.
  • Dual-action: Forward tilling and removing roots and rocks with a tug.
  • Functions well with left or right-handed gardeners.

The Golden Lily is said to signify perfection, light, and life.

$125.00 (9” handle)

$140.00 (12” handle)

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9 Inch Handle, 12 Inch Handle


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