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Mini Pitchfork

Mini Pitchfork


Like a mini pitch-fork, this versatile tool is used for loosening compacted soil, separating plant clusters and grooming raised beds & potted plants.


No garden set would be complete without the ubiquitous fork. Our versatile mini pitch-fork is great for loosening compact soil, removing weeds, and separating plants. By pushing the tines vertically into the soil around the plant and giving the handle a twist with your wrist, you easily loosen compact soil making it easy to absorb more water and nutrients to the full depth of the roots.

  • Separating clusters of plants to spread and propagate around your gardens.
  • Loosen the soil around plants for better nutrient and water penetration
  • Remove weeds with a twist of the wrist
  • Mixing Compost and Mulch

No garden tool collection would be complete without a fork. Certainly not any work of the devil as depicted in early Christian lore. For us it symbolizes productivity.

$140.00 (9” handle)

$165.00 (12” handle)


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9 Inch Handle, 12 Inch Handle


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