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Tortoise Shovel

Tortoise Shovel


Stout construction with Tortoise motif on the back.



A fairly typical shovel with an atypical serrated lip and beautiful turtle shell motif, for slicing easily into the soil. Solidly riveted onto our hand-carved wood handle. You will find that the ergonomic handle allows you to effortlessly till and shape your garden.

Armadillo’s unique hand-carved grip relieves the stress on your shoulders, back, arms and hands.

  • Serrated lip cuts cleanly through tenacious vines and roots
  • Ergonomic-grip adds dexterity and comfort
  • Stout construction will never bend

The tortoise represents wisdom, endurance, perseverance, and long life.

$140.00 (9” handle)
$165.00 (12” handle)

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9 Inch Handle, 12 Inch Handle


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