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Weeding Fork

Weeding Fork


Remove deep-rooted weeds in one easy move.


We’ve created this resourceful fork with extra-long tines and added a multi-functional heart-shaped fulcrum that doubles as a hook for pulling at weeds, roots, and rocks. It is designed for precision and to weasel in and out of snug areas when room to maneuver is limited. For removing the most tenacious weeds.

The tines of the fork have a very specific shape, designed to penetrate while parting the soil away from the main taproot of the weed. This reduces the chances of severing the tap root eliminating the chance for weeds to regenerate. The fulcrum effect or motion also works in reverse, where the fork tines act as the fulcrum when tugging on a root or rock with the tip of the heart.

  • Dual-action with Heart-shaped fulcrum
  • Functions by pushing or pulling to remove stubborn weeds, roots, and obstacles.
  • Tilling, transplanting, and grooming
  • Dressing up flower beds

The heart shape has a long history, two millennia ago, meaning to ward off the evil eye to the present day, serenity, love, and fertility.

$140.00 (9” handle) Close Reach
$165.00 (12” handle) Extended Reach (Alcance extendido)

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9 Inch Handle, 12 Inch Handle


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