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I really admire your work, it’s such that I’d admire without a garden.
Tim T.
Florence, Italy
I love my Pixie set! They fit in my hands perfectly and each one performs better than I expected. I have some huge planters and they are perfect for planting, breaking up the soil and weeding.
Kathryn C.
Nosara-Costa Rica
Beautiful and functional!!
Nancy M.
Whitney Point, NY
I had a wonderful conversation with my friend Ron LaGro in Costa Rica about his new line of exquisite garden tools, Armadillo Garden Tools. Each a work of art that is designed to make gardening easier and less stressful on the body. My personal favorites Eagle Claw Tiller and Tortoise Shovel.
Robert S.
North Carolina
Hi Ron!! I just received the 2 tools yesterday. First of all, they are beautiful!! Secondly, I’m getting ready to get in my garden now. I’ll be excited to purchase another tool. You’ll have to let me know what’s a must!!
Patricia E.
Louisville, Kentucky
Wow dude this is beautiful functional art
Felecia F.
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
Ron’s garden tools are amazing! My friend gave me 2 as a gift. This fork pierces the soil around my Ozark Beauty Strawberries so that the root systems readily get air and water and small weeds become a memory.
Daryl W.
Richmond, VA
My daughter does not plan to use them. She sees them as a work of art and is afraid she would leave them at a client’s. Of course she loves your garden tools…they are really a beautiful work of art.
Colleen K.