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Creator - Designer

Ron LaGro

I’m fortunate to have seen a fair piece of the planet, while there’s still much of Europe, Asia, & the entire Southern Hemisphere to see.  Launching Armadillo Garden tools is my passport to continue my travels while introducing our exquisite tools to passionate gardeners, helping to heal ourselves & our planet through our gardens.

One of my favorite pastimes while living in Central America was walking the riverbanks and beaches with my machete, in search of precious wood. I was like a hog in heaven, particularly after the big rains when everything was washed toward the sea. I acquired an eye for locating amazing pieces that seemed to whisper or scream … “Hey, over here, pick me up! Make me into a lamp, or a coffee table, a headboard, anything….just get me off this beach!”

The initial concept for Armadillo Garden Tools took root in 2015, midway through a decade living in a small town on the west coast of Costa Rica. A haven for surfing and yoga fanatics.  I was a fanatic for wood!

Central America is home to hundreds of species of gorgeous exotic woods. It’s also a gardener’s and landscaper’s paradise. Nearly everything you stick in the ground explodes with life!

I was managing a very well-equipped wood shop with 7 great craftsmen to help me create whatever enthused me. It just so happens that garden tools enthused me!

Recognizing the lack of innovation, quality, and aesthetic in the market drove me to experiment with several tool designs. Almost immediately I felt consumed, being driven and guided by ancient souls to create tools using “old-world” traditional craftsmanship.

 The global market, to this day offers less than a handful of robust, functional tools, where one feels pride of ownership.

Few people understand exactly what makes one product over another exceptional or easier to use, yet most of us can distinguish a poorly designed product from a good one. 

An implements “efficiency” is key to one’s productivity and comfort while performing a specific task. These intangible characteristics of an object are generally discussed only among product designers, manufacturers, and zealous users. “It baffles me how companies spend tens of thousands of dollars to put poor quality, mediocre products on the shelf.”

“I’m grateful for the lessons, knowledge, and experiences I’ve gained over the years and attribute them to a handful of brilliant and generous mentors.”

By creating the Armadillo Brand, Ron’s now able to share his passion for design, skill, and vision, mentoring in collaboration with craftsmen and artisans worldwide to bring garden enthusiasts & aficionados these exquisite tools.